Basque Stay offers the complete management of the apartment, including, advertisements and marketing of the apartment, check-in & out, cleanings, maintenance and advice on purchase and reform properties.




1. Payment Security

All travelers will pay the amount of the reservation before check-in.


2. Physical Integrity of the Apartment Guaranteed

All check-ins and check-outs are reviewed by BASQUE  STAY. In addition, there is a liability insurance covering damages of up to 600.000 €.


3. Complete Management of the Apartment

We take care of all aspects relating to the rental of your apartment: secure payments of each guest, deposits, handing over and collecting the keys, apartment cleaning, providing linen and towels, attracting travelers, online promotion, etc.


4. Greater Profitability

The income coming from temporary rental is higher than the one obtained from long stay rental. Therefore, you may increase profitability significantly with BASQUE  STAY.


5. Better Conservation of the Apartment

Your apartment is not inhabited everyday throughout the year. Besides, as tenants are mostly tourists, they normally stay a few hours in the apartment. On the other hand, we make revisions constantly; we have a continuous knowledge of the state of the apartment. And thanks to the system of guarantees of BASQUE  STAY, the damage that could be caused in the apartment is repaired immediately.


6. Availability of Your Apartment

You can enjoy your apartment whenever you want, as long as there are no reservations made prior to those dates. Likewise, if for whatever reason you wanted it not to be booked within a certain period, there would be no problem.


7. Flexible Engagement

You may terminate the contract with BASQUE STAY at any time and without penalty. You will only have to respect the reservations made to date.


8. Instant Feedback about Your Property

Thanks to the advanced management applications of BASQUE STAY, you will be informed of the situation of the apartment instantly. In addition, you will also have access to the information of your reservations, permanently available for you in the Owners Extranet. You could find out in real time:

  • When your apartment will be used
  • The income coming from this particular stay
  • Information about guests
  • Other information


9. Significant Discounts on other Apartments

In order to reward your collaboration, we offer the possibility to enjoy other apartments we manage in more beneficial conditions than an ordinary customer.


10. Permanent Owner Service

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, BASQUE  STAY  is available for you.